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Himalayan Health Store is unique among organic food stores, as we bring you carefully selected organic products in Pakistan. Sourced direct from the farm, our organic food in Pakistan is reasonably priced while maintaining quality. We stock some of the finest Himalaya products in Pakistan. We endeavor to apply the FAIR TRADE STANDARDS when sourcing all our natural products, and at the same time, supporting ethical farming methods.

All stages of production are monitored and regulated by us to bring you authentic organic products of the highest quality in Pakistan. You don’t have to take our word for it, as independent test certificates are available wherever possible. We have been using most of these products ourselves, and as a result, have experienced better health and quality of life. So come along to our shop in Islamabad and sample these treasures from ‘Nature’s Farmacy’.

Himalayan Health Store

Natural Products

We source our produce directly from farms in our native Kashmir in the Himalayas, from a remote area known for its biodiversity and natural beauty, thus ensuring that the highest standards apply to our products.

The soil is free of fertilizers and pesticides, the air is unpolluted and everything that grows wild here is in its original form, unaltered by human activity.

Our Non-GMO corn is from original Heirloom Seeds that have been cultivated in our village for centuries, thus also acquiring the status of Heritage Seeds.

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