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About Our Company

About Us

We initiated our business after assessing two needs– the growing health awareness and need of the consumer for good quality pure organic food & the need of the farmer to receive a larger compensation for his efforts. Our small but growing health store is thus uniquely placed at the crossroads of the Organic and Fair-trade concepts in order to be blessed with an ethical venture, whilst benefiting both consumers and producers.

We have been using most of these products ourselves, and have experienced better health and quality of life as a result. We would like to now share these treasures from ‘Nature’s Farmacy’ with the consumers in Pakistan.

What We Do

Himalayan Health Store


Our Background

After spending over 30 years in the UK and the Middle East exploring many internationally known (eastern and western) health researches and trends, we have been implementing them in our daily lives for many years, and they have given us a better quality of life for a fraction of the price of conventional medicine. We ourselves use most of the superfoods and products that we would have in our store, and meticulously stock only the best quality after thorough research.


Our Guarantee

Unlike sellers who may purchase from wholesale markets, we painstakingly source our products directly from the farmers or producers based in rural, unpolluted and sometimes remote environments. We ourselves are originally from the Northern Pakistani region and have full knowledge of production methods to guarantee an unadulterated product. Best practices in making or extracting these products are ensured after personal investigation. Moreover, our products are tested and certified independently to reassure our customers that they don’t have to take our word for it.

Our Products

We are currently selling a variety of raw and organic honey which is harvested seasonally from our local farmers. What is special about our honey? We get all these honey varieties directly from specialized, knowledgeable beekeepers that are internationally renowned and maintain best practices. The beekeeper for our Raw WILD Organic Mountain Honey is a trainer for the government and private individuals. This is a rare honey classified as ‘wild’ because the bees make their own hive and are in the wild in their most natural environment. They feed only on honey. In due course, we hope to increase our range of products. Sampling of products is available at our store in Islamabad.

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